Fixie Series

Getting from A to B doesn’t have to be predictable. Felt Fixies are about function, but they’re also about form. They’ll get you where you’re going—swiftly and efficiently—but they’ll also say a little something about your own personal style.

Take a close look and you’ll see that Felt Fixies are direct descendants of our World Championship winning trackracing bikes. They share the same minimalist outlook. Both are characterized by bold racy lines and an unmistakable aesthetic that blends classic design with modern technology.

The 2013 Felt Fixie Series includes the popular Brougham. Equal parts style and substance, the Brougham features a sleek custom-butted 4130 cromoly frame crafted with quick, agile track geometry, an oversized downtube, bladed aero seatstays, a trimmed handlebar and deep V-section wheels.

Additionally, the 2013 Fixie line features the York—an all new offering from Felt that references old school British bicycles. Crafted from 4130 cromoly steel, the York blends traditional aesthetics with modern refinements for a very regal ride.

Also returning is the TK4130, which pays tribute to the beautiful handcrafted Italian road and track bikes of days gone by. The details in the saddle, crank and rims make the TK4130 the latest show-stopper in the ever-evolving Fixie Series.

From elegant to edgy, minimalist to outrageous, Felt Fixies are for those who wish to follow their own path.