Edict Six Series

The goal was simple: Create the fastest full-suspension XC bike in the world. It took several years, much experimenting and many different prototypes to achieve this goal, but the Edict has arrived for 2012.
Designed to burn up World Cup courses and tame the most rugged, grueling marathon XC courses, the Edict Series brings a new level of refined Felt performance to the gritty, unpredictable world of off-road riding and racing. 

To meet the lofty standards established for the Edict, Felt created an entirely new suspension system specifically for this bike, and this bike alone. It’s called Felt Active Stay Technology. Offering 100 millimeters of smooth, predictable travel, FAST delivers unequaled suspension performance in a lightweight, race-ready package.

True, Felt already has an award-winning suspension system in Equilink. But Felt engineers believe every performance bike deserves a higher level of analysis and engineering, and though Equilink offers the best solution for longer-travel XC and trail bikes, the highly specific demands of XC racing warranted a different approach. 

The genius behind FAST is its simplicity. By creating a frame and suspension system that work in unison to achieve specific goals—namely, unparalleled XC speed, control and efficiency—Felt engineers were able to pinpoint their efforts. FAST makes the most of the Felt’s considerable experience working with cutting-edge materials and construction techniques, and utilizes the design of the frame to optimize the bike’s overall suspension performance.

The Edict’s carbon fiber seatstay and chainstay work together, offering just enough flex to optimize rear suspension activity. The whole rear end is custom shaped and engineered to provide both a stable pedaling platform and a smooth trail feel. It helps keep your tires on the ground when climbing or pedaling through smaller stutter bumps—situations where suspension affects traction—and adds just enough compliance to reduce fatigue.

The Edict’s front triangle is also constructed from carbon fiber, giving it the speed, efficiency and agility you need for the most challenging XC terrain. All Edict models are light and quick-handling with a stable, neutral feel that inspires confidence on steep, technical climbs, screaming descents and whatever else the trail throws your way.