Nine Series

With cutting-edge frame technology and a superior ride quality that has won over many of Felt’s professional cross-country racers, Felt’s Nine Series bike blends the surefooted handling characteristics of 29” wheels with the type of razor-sharp, race-bred performance that characterizes every bike that bears the Felt name.

Design criteria for the Nine has always been strict and focused, and for 2013, Felt updated just about everything on Nine platform. From the geometry, to tube shapes, to rear triangle design, the Nine emerges in 2013 faster and more efficient than ever before. In addition, the Nine is now offered in 5 sizes, giving an improved ride quality to cyclists of all sizes.

To maximize the Nine’s performance on the trail, Felt engineers modified the head angle and added a fork that produces the same trail as a nimble 26” bike would. In addition, the Nine frames were constructed with same bottom bracket height as our 26” XC bikes— lower than most other 29” wheel bikes to give it a low center of gravity and put the rider more in tune with the terrain.

The larger wheels did pose some formidable design challenges to Felt engineers. Chainstays on 29’’ wheel bikes frequently run long to accommodate the tire and front derailleur. But thanks to a curved seat tube and forged chainstay yoke on the aluminum frames, Felt engineers were able to keep the chainstays short without interfering with the front derailleur.This keeps rider weight properly distributed. Better front-to-rear weight distribution improves the bike’s abilities on out-of-the-saddle climbs.

The combination of all these features makes the Nine feel more like a traditional hardtail mountain bike, only faster. The result of all this engineering is a bike that inspires confidence with its tried-and-true handling.

Top Nine models feature Felt’s proprietary Modular Monocoque carbon fiber construction for improved ride quality, drivetrain efficiency,torsional rigidity and tire clearance. Naturally, a carbon fiber frame means the bike is lighter and offers a more comfortable ride as a result of carbon fiber’s natural damping ability.

Our World Cup mountain bike racers will tell you: The Nine is an endurance racer’s dream. With its light weight and ability to float over rocks, it blends a smooth riding experience with incredible responsiveness. Its 29” wheels make longer off-road efforts more sustainable.

Whether you are a seasoned marathon racer, XC racer, weekend warrior, or recreational rider, there’s a Nine that’s tailormade for you.