F Series

From the Tour de France to a domestic criterium, mountain top finishes to mass sprints, Felt’s F Series bikes are all about winning. Whether it’s the F1 raced in WorldTour events by Team Argos-Shimano or a quick, agile aluminum model, The F Series promises unbridled speed and worldclass performance.

With the F Series, Felt blends no-nonsense racing geometry and the world’s most advanced materials for a full line of crisp handling bikes made to rip through corners, fly up climbs and accelerate in an instant. The horizontal top tube, shorter head tube, sharp trail and tight wheelbase—all aimed at producing full-performance body positioning on the bike—make it the ideal choice to meet your competitive goals.

The top-of-the-line F1 incorporates Felt’s cutting-edge InsideOut molding process and UHC+Nano carbon fiber to minimize weight, while a BB30 bottom bracket, and a ControlTaper head tube deliver unmatched power transmission and stiffness. Literally every strand of carbon fiber is engineered to deliver optimal performance and a refined ride. That same attention to detail continues throughout the line with every F model benefitting from the development of the top professional race bikes.

One of the hallmarks of F bikes is consistent handling and stiffness throughout the series. Whether you’re riding the F1 or the F85, the largest frame or the smallest, frame stiffness and handling feel quite similar. So every F Series rider, no matter their budget, can enjoy the same responsiveness in and out of the saddle, sprinting, climbing or cornering.

Each F Series bike comes equipped with components designed to optimize that particular model. Felt’s product development team pours over the details to build an entire line at every price level. Each component has been chosen to provide the best possible combination of performance and value.

Get more acquainted with the podium this year. Get an F Series bike