Track Series

Whether it’s sprint or endurance events, there’s no room for error on the track, and developing bikes for World Champions like Sarah Hammer and elite track teams like Project London keeps Felt on the cutting edge of technology. In track racing, it’s one bike, one gear—and the results don’t lie.

Like the DA time trial/triathlon bike, the TK1 uses Felt’s UHC Ultimate+Nano carbon fiber, unsurpassed for its ability to make lightweight, stiff, ride-tuned performance bikes. Just as with the DA, the TK1 was engineered using powerful, cutting-edge CFD software and extensive aerodynamic analysis. Once the materials were chosen, Felt engineers applied proven geometry to give the bike precise, track-specific handling characteristics.

For 2013, Felt has developed two distinct versions of the TK1—the TK1 Sprint and the TK1 Endurance. Both share the identical aerodynamic shape and gains that has delivered Felt athletes to multiple national and world titles, and both will be featured in the London 2012 Olympics. The only difference is the Sprint is tailored for bigger, more explosive standing starts while the Endurance, at almost 300g lighter, is best suited for mass-start events. Both feature Felt’s proprietary Bayonet Track fork/stem combination.

All of Felt’s track bikes, including the TK2 and TK3, have developed a loyal following among track racers from beginner to pro. The TK2 and TK3 use the same aerodynamic know-how of the pro-level bikes and are engineered with lightweight, responsive aluminum frame tubing.

All Felt track bikes feature quality touches such as CNC-machined dropouts and internally-machined bottom bracket shells. While the TK1 is available only as a frameset, the TK2 and TK3 come as complete bikes with parts chosen to optimize their track-racing abilities.

Find out for yourself why Felt track bikes have developed such a hardcore following among such a wide variety of racers. Whether you’re a World Champion or a Wednesday night champion, Felt offers the fastest way to get around the track.