Z Series

Whether you’re racing a Gran Fondo or the Tour de France, the perfect bicycle is one that delivers lightning quick performance at any speed, and at the same time provides the compliance and fit necessary to make even the longest ride enjoyable.

Enter the new 2013 Z Series. Building on an already successful heritage, the new Z-line is specifically designed to meld top-tier performance with the ability to be ridden all day into one single purebred road bike.

Take a look at some of the bikes used by pros on long, grueling races and you’ll notice they were a bit different than those that are popular today. They were built to be stable on fast descents and featured a slightly more upright rider position. They had longer wheelbases and offered excellent vibration damping—proven ways to reduce fatigue. These ride characteristics are central to the design goals of the Z.

Z Series frames use a slightly longer head tube for more flexibility in handlebar and rider positioning.

They feature a sloping top tube for increased stand-over clearance, and they benefit from improved vertical compliance due to an enhanced frame cockpit layout. The Z also features a slightly longer wheelbase for confident handling at any speed.

For 2013, Felt has updated the venerable Z Series with an all new frame design that improves performance and handling. Engineers used computer analysis and real world data to revamp the Z from top to bottom. Improved tube shapes, more efficient carbon layups, and optimized tube intersections result in a Z that is 25% stiffer, 50g lighter, and even smoother than previous models.

Whether you choose a Z model built from super-premium UHC Ultimate+Nano carbon fiber and cutting-edge electronic Shimano Di2 shifting, or one of the lightweight aluminum/carbon fiber models, you’ll get the same assured handling and race-worthy stiffness. It’s a ride that’s as responsive as it is confidence-inspiring.

All Z Series bikes are built with the right components for the ideal fit, plus gearing for any terrain and unmatched reliability. If ever there was a bike to inspire you to reach new heights, the Z is it.