Cafe Series

You know what you want in a bike: comfort, classic styling and modern features to make riding more enjoyable. What you don’t want are limitations—a bike that’s too focused on one specific purpose.

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. With all the different categories of bikes these days—road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, fitness bikes—a trip to the bike shop can be an overwhelming experience.

Enter the Felt Café. This is the bike that cuts through the clutter. Inspired by the smart, stylish bikes you see cruising the streets of Paris or Milan, Café is designed to fit your lifestyle.

Don’t be fooled by Café’s cool, understated aesthetic. Behind the seemingly effortless style is a calculated approach to performance and comfort. Felt conducted extensive market research to find out exactly what mattered most to people in search of the perfect do-it-all bike. We then passed those findings along to our team of engineers.

The first thing the engineers focused on was frame geometry. Getting the dimensions right was key to achieving great handling and comfort. Café designers understand that an overly aggressive, stretched out position isn’t necessary for this bike, but they also didn’t want to compromise ride quality and handling. They created a bike that’s comfortable and efficient, yet perfectly capable of accelerating or climbing hills without forcing you to stand up out of the saddle.

Every Café bike is built to be as light as possible for increased efficiency and a lively ride quality. The frames are constructed with lightweight aluminum featuring hydroformed tubes. And many parts and components—including forks, handlebars, stems, seatposts, cranks and wheels—are also made with lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Going beyond the basics, all Café bikes are outfitted with accessories to help make the most of your ride. Puncture-resistant tires, aluminum kickstand, a lightweight aluminum cup holder and safety bell come standard with every Café bike. And the Deluxe models feature extras including a lightweight aluminum rear carrier rack, a removable rear clip-on saddlebag and lightweight fenders.

From urban commutes to weekend rides in the park, Café is the enjoyable new way to ride. Ditch the car and ride to work. Commit to daily rides to improve your health. Ride to the café. All these things are made easier and more fun with a bike built just for you.